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Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions - Barta24TV.com
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Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions

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Puerto Rican wedding customs are an essential part of the party. These include drink and food customs, music, dancing, plus more.

Ceremony Customs

A Puerto Rican marriage ceremony typically commences using a ceremony in a church or perhaps other religious location. The ceremony comprises of the exchange of rings, a blessing, a rosary prayer and a Virgin Mary offering. The clergyman may also provide a plate of 13 gold coins (referred to since “arras”) to the bride and groom throughout the ceremony.

Reception Customs

A traditional Malograr Rican wedding reception usually carries on until night time with music playing an essential position. Often go crazy, classics and classic Latin music are performed. Couples using a sufficient budget can easily hire a group of folk ballroom dancers as extra entertainment.



Probably the most popular Malograr Rican wedding party favors https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/wellness/five-ways-to-enjoy-online-dating-while-improving-your-chances-according-to-a-psychologist/2019/12/11/c2aceeaa-1794-11ea-9110-3b34ce1d92b1_story.html are capias, which are slender strips of ribbon which may have the names and date of the ceremony with them. These can become by bridging and gluing seashells mutually or obtaining them at the neighborhood grocery store.


In Puerto Rico, the bride’s bouquet is normally composed of Amapolas or flamboyan bouquets that are indigenous for the island. psychology of online dating Consequently the bouquet is https://mylatinabride.com/puerto-rican-women/ cheaper when compared to a traditional floral bouquet, mainly because these are readily accessible in the crazy.


Traditionally, women in Desfiladero Rico could carry fans in their outfit, especially those of this wealthier school. The admirers were quite often in different colors to match their outfits.

Groom’s Halloween costume

For a Puerto Rican marriage, the soon-to-be husband generally dons a classic dark-colored jacket and pantsuit. He may also utilize a dark tie and shoes, with regards to the location of the service.

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